Jill McDonald

Hello, I'm Jill. I love meeting new people and this fabulous job lets me do just that...  bonus is I get to help you on your journey towards getting your P's and independence on the roads too!
I have a relaxed and supportive approach in coaching driving students to drive confidently and safely, developing safe driving habits that will last a lifetime
My aim is to introduce you to the world of driving independence and to support & develop your confidence and ability to anticipate the actions of other drivers; recognizing that safe driving is the responsibility of every driver on the road.
We will assess and tailor each of your lessons to build on your knowledge and experience as it develops and work towards getting you p-test ready!
I'm confident we can make your learning journey an enjoyable and fun one....let's drive!


Reviews 5 Star Rating


Jill is amazing teacher and person she knows what I am thinking which is great in a teacher. She is understanding and caring follows the COVID-19 precautions, which I really like. She worked through my anxiety issue in relation to driving due to my previous car accidents. Very calm voice. Which is nice to hear when you are stressed out driving. Very good sense of Humour.

Parvathy Jayaram

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