I have literally found my dream job! I absolutely love being a driver trainer. Each day provides me with an opportunity to pass on my 30 years of driving experience, in both manual and auto, to someone like you! Yay!

My aim is to train you in everything you need so that you become a competent and safe driver for the rest of your life. I will provide you with a safe, relaxed and fun environment that will help you grow your confidence and skills on the road.

I love to be creative in designing my lessons specifically for you to get the most out of every minute. No lesson will be the same! All lessons will be geared to help you form safe driving habits, as well as become p-test ready. We will progress at your pace, so don’t worry I will not freak you out by taking you straight out on the highway if it is your first time behind the wheel.

You also won’t just be taking the easy option all the time. Sometimes driving can be challenging so I like to provide you with opportunities to experience this while you’re with me before you experience it on your own. I believe if you can do the more challenging option then everything else becomes easy. We will give it a go together. I will encourage you to think deeper about what you are doing and take ownership of your driving and lessons, so that you don’t learn to rely on anyone but yourself.

You will also be practising useful everyday driving such as parking in your favourite shopping centre. As we travel around we will see some amazing views of the city, discover an alternate route home, and we might even drive by what I’ve affectionately called the ‘avocado’ house.

We don’t need any more crazy drivers on the road. So let’s travel together toward being safe drivers for life.


5 Star Rating


My instructor always abided by my wishes as a driving student from starting my lessons with basic driving and manoeuvring and focusing on building my basic driving skills to build my confidence as a driver. My instructor then asked me of any concerns I had on specific manoeuvres and helped me focus on them to be able to complete them. My instructor also had very organised lessons with my input on what I wanted to focus on in driving before my test. I think that this and the friendly and caring nature of driving instructors is easily the best attribute of My Driving School.

David Southwood

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