Kim Grimmbacher

Learning something new is always challenging, so having fun doing it makes it easier.  Hi, I’m Kim, I’ve been with My Driving School for 8 years.  I’ve met awesome people and made really good friends through teaching and I am still in contact with students I taught years ago.

I have 2 young adult “kids”, so I understand the pressure’s and anxiety that sometimes come with learning to drive.

Good drivers drive safely, safety includes vehicle operation, hazard perception, scanning and decision making, defensive driving techniques and good driving habits, it’s not just my job, it’s my goal to help u achieve this.

I love having a chat and a good laugh.

So fasten your seatbelt!  


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MyDriving School has been fantastic with my three boys as they did lessons and then went for their licences. We had fabulous personal, service each time we had to contact the office, especially from Becky.
Our driving instructor for all three boys was Kym. She was excellent and connected with each of the boys. She gave them confidence behind the wheel and let them know the minute they were ready for the test. I thoroughly recommend the team at MyDriving.

Thomas Brannigan

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