I have been driving both manual and automatic vehicles for 30 years. I have been a professional Pilot for 21 years. The last 12 years I was with an international airline on a Boeing 737NG as a first officer mentoring new pilots in a multicultural environment.

 I am an advocate for all matters of safety. I am passionate about teaching and looking forward to the next challenge as a Driving Instructor. I am humbled to be joining the My Driving School family, adding value to their continuous success.

 I am excited by the opportunity to teach our students how to achieve their goals but most importantly, to instill in them a lifelong mindset of prioritising safety on the road.


5 Star Rating


High level recommendation:

" I would highly recommend Sydney to anyone in Brisbane looking for a knowledgeable, respectful and supportive driving instructor whose skills and experience will ensure you have the greatest chance of success come test day".

I engaged Sydney for the test package in the lead up to my manual driving exam. whilst I was already a capable driver (or so I thought), Sydney was able to support me to identify and change those poor habits I had picked up over time, particularly where they related to key elements the examiner would be looking for in the test environment.

I especially valued Sydney's demeanor; his cool, calm and collected nature helped me to grasp his feedback and apply my learnings without unnecessary stress. On the day of my exam, Sydney provided invaluable insight to the expectations of the driving examiner, which saw me pass on my first attempt!

If you are looking for support on your driving journey, I could not recommend Sydney highly enough; he provides the knowledge, respect and support required to get you safely on the road sooner.

-Nic (passed 1st attempt).


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