Hi, my name is Thomas (Tom) and I’m a Gold Coast based driving instructor.  Drive with me in the comfort and precision of my Hyundai I30 for those who want to drive manual...  Or a sweet Suzuki Swift for the Automatic lovers!!

I believe that the journey of getting your licence should be fun and enjoyable. Therefore, I pride myself on being able to customise each lesson to suit your needs and I endeavour to make the experience as relaxing and rewarding for you as possible. My goal is to equip you with the confidence, experience and skills to not only pass your test but safely and effectively drive on the road for many years to come.    

I look forward to having a chat with you and having a fun and safe experience!

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Thomas was my driving instructor to get my manual license. Throughout every lesson, he ensured to give me the best advice and kept me, an anxious person, very calm. He was very specific in his instructions pointing out things to look out for that examiners like to test on. He made sure to prepare me for any driving circumstance, in both the test and real life. I feel confident and knowledgeable now after my lessons with him. Definitely recommend!


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