This Instructor is looking for goal oriented students trying to pass their licence.... PS Having a learners licence would be preferable! i

5 Star Rating


Stevie is a great instructor. He helped me a lot to learn. I have had different instructors but Stevie was the best. He was very patient and always gave me good hints. The most important thing about him is that he takes it easy and reminds that we need to be relax during driving. Even if I did a mistake in a busy road, he was encouraging me to be relax and correct it by myself. Easily you can see the difference after a few sessions.
I had another instructor before him and I had already booked my driving test with my previous instructor but needed more sessions before my test and I found Stevie . Today my previous instructor was so surprised to see my progress.
Thanks a lot Stevie. You are a star.

Elham Zahed

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