How long do my vouchers last for?

Our vouchers have a 6 month expiry.

Does the instructor come to me?

Yes, The instructor can do pick and drop off anywhere within their service area.

When do I have to pay for my lesson?

Lesson bookings require payment at the time of booking this is to ensure it is confirmed in the instructor’s calendar. Online you can pay via credit card for single lessons or via credit card or Afterpay for packages.  Over the phone through the office only card payment is accepted.

Do you service my suburb?

You can check this by clicking the book now tab and typing in your suburb. If the suburb does not appear then we do not have instructors covering that suburb. Sometimes you are only a street away from a suburb that we do service, so please call us to check.  If your suburb is on our list, you will be able to see the instructors who service your suburb and what transmission they drive.

My suburb is right next to a suburb an instructor covers will they come to me?

Unfortunately, instructors areas are based around travel time and whilst you may be right next to the borderline suburb the instructor covers this could affect their travel time to a lesson on the other side of their area.  This is dependant on how close to a serviced suburb you live.  It may be possible to meet the instructor in a serviced suburb for the lesson.

How can I see an instructor’s availability?

You can check an instructors availability by either clicking on the book with instructor from the instructor’s page or by clicking the book now tab and entering your suburb which will bring up the instructor’s calendar.

How do I book my test?

First step is to book your test on The Department of Transport (TMR) website https://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/. Once you have booked your test with TMR then call our office 1800 684 708 to book your purchased test package or to pay by credit card.  We prioritise tests and as long as your chosen instructor does not have another test at the same time, we will make room for one.

How do I book my test package?

Test packages need to be booked by calling our office. TMR (Dept of Transport ) requires certain timing prior to the test so if you have arranged/booked your test TMR test and you want to use our car for that test,  you’ll need to call us to place it in the calendar carefully.  This is to ensure the package is booked in so that you arrive at the test centre at the correct time.

Can I change/cancel my lesson?

If you need to make any change to your existing booking with us, to either re-schedule or cancel, please give your instructor 24hrs notice.  A cancellation policy exists to be sure our instructors are not disadvantaged by a change of circumstances for you.  Any lessons cancelled within 24hrs of the booking time may encounter a cancellation fee (cancellation fee is the full cost of the lesson).  Any changes or cancellations made outside of the 24hours can be done in your account on the website or by calling the office or your instructor.

Do you do mock tests?

On any lesson you can request your instructor run you through a mock test and provide feedback.

Why has my money not come back to my bank account after my lesson was cancelled?

When a lesson is cancelled with more than 24hr notice the credit/voucher is returned to your account so you can re-book the lesson.

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