5 Stars

Jessica de Gáspari

I highly recommend this school and the instructor Brian!

Brian managed to help me out so much during the whole process, since the first lesson when I was pretty much panicking! He made me feel totally calm, safe and confident about driving!

I did pass my test last week and got my open license and cannot simply let it go without letting you know how much I appreciate everything that he did for me! I know some people would say "he is just doing his job" but I have had lessons with another 2 instructors before and none was able to do what he did for me!

Brian is a genuinely good person doing something that he can do really well, he was always on time, smiling, being calm and friendly, to have lessons with him was a always a great experience, learning a lot every time! He helped me so much more than he can imagine and I will recommend him to all of my friends, and be thankful forever!

Thank you Brian for all your hard work with me, best of luck to you!!!

5 Stars


Lexi from My Driving School is very friendly, encouraging and gave me clear instructions and information about driving. I always felt comfortable whilst driving with her and had some great conversations too! She prepared me well for my test and it all paid off as I passed first go and wasn’t nervous at all whilst driving in my exam.
Thank you My Driving School!

5 Stars

Keestu Tappali Ekanathan

Went for several classes before I did the final test today and I would look no further than training with Allister for a manual car.

There are a lot of instructions and tips for international driver's and students that is provided as part of the course. Reasonably priced and worth taking the 5 course package before taking the final test. Make sure to listen carefully as the instructors will point out errors diligently if made.

I was happy at the end of day learning to drive in Queensland roads with my driving school. (Would recommend taking one class first before deciding if you are ready or not for driving.)

5 Stars

Jiyeon Yoo

Lex is the legend!! I could easily pass my driving test this afternoon after few driving lessons with Lex. I felt much confident in my driving and she helped me with general driving and focused on my weaknesses. Thank you so much Lex??

5 Stars

Juliana Quintero

I will recommend it 100% I passed my test in the 1st go thanks to Gordon, he was amazing!! I had an international driver's license and Gordon helped me to get rid of bad habits in my driving and gave me all the trainingI needed to pass my test!!


5 Stars

MyTram Ngo

Awesome is the only word I would use to describe the skills, the knowledge and the passion for my instructor, Gordon. From the day of knowing pretty much nothing in driving a manual car to have successfully got my licence, Gordon's always been so patient and understanding, stepped me through everything I need to know, not just to pass my practical test but also to become a good and safe driver on the road. His enthusiastic and approachable teaching technique helps the learning much simpler and easier. His jokes and the positive energy make the lessons way more enjoyable. I would highly highly recommend Gordon to anyone who's looking for an awesome instructor.

5 Stars

Christopher Knipe

I've had a couple lessons over the past few weeks with my instructor Gordon, and he's been absolutely fantastic. He has helped me gain the confidence I needed to successfully pass my test by teaching great techniques and offering good advice to help me get over the line. Gordon provided great training and guidance, and everything was delivered in a clear and conicse manner, with a bit of humour thrown in as well. Highly recommended. Thanks Gordo!

5 Stars

Zamayakhi Dunn

Highly recommend. Gordon was a great instructor and helped me become more comfortable and confident in my driving. I passed my test on my first go and wouldn't have been able to do it without his help.

5 Stars

Tyler Cooper

Jo was my instructor and 10/10 would recommend her for anyone and everyone. Jo helped me learn the road basics, control of my car, maneuvers, good banter and how to be a confident person in the car. Coming out of my p1 test today with a perfect score card, i was thankful and grateful for Jo and all the confidence she gave me and happy we got the celebrate the moment !! thank you for everything you have taught me <3

5 Stars

Emily Relf

Had the best experience with My Driving School.

My instructor Gordon made me feel really at ease and gave me the ability to feel safe and able to drive a manual car - now by myself after passing my test first go. Would recommend Gordon and the team at My Driving to any student looking for a safe and reliable driving school.

5 Stars

Sarika McIntosh

I highly recommend learning through ‘My Driving School’ and having David as an instructor. David helped me with my driving skills and confidence. He taught me everything I needed to know in a professional, kind, patient and calm manner, making it easier for me to feel relaxed and comfortable whilst learning to drive. Could not rate highly enough. Thank you! :)

5 Stars

Duong Nguyen

I've sent 165$ for invoice 15736. Please check. thanks
Your service is excellent.

5 Stars

Angie Pratt

Amanda is just an incredible instructor, she's always ready with constructive criticism and expert knowledge; she's the first instructor I've had that has made me feel more confident behind the wheel. I feel more ready than ever to take my test; thanks Amanda!

5 Stars

Madi Hamon

Amanda is my driving instructor and I’ve only had 2 lessons and already love it !! She is such a good instructor and considerate of any limitations. I have booked my first 10hour package with her so I am able to go for my P plates in January and Amanda has definitely given me the confidence to achieve it and drive safely on the roads !!

5 Stars

Brendan foreman

Allister is by far the nicest guy and very experienced.

5 Stars


Karl was a great instructor helped me brush up on my driving before taking the test and I was able to pass on the 1st go. He was very easy to drive with and helped you to feel more confident about driving. Would recommend

5 Stars

Jack Shanks

Had gordan an hour before my test, really helpful and gave me a lot of confidence :))

5 Stars

Charlene Onapa

Great customer service all the way from the phone consultants to the driving instructors. Helen my driving instructor was amazing and flexible.
I felt comfortable and passed my driving test on the first go.

5 Stars

Katie Saal

Allister was my driving instructor and thanks to him, I passed my practical driving test today! He was absolutely amazing at teaching me the ropes of a manual car, and then as I got better, how to fine-tune my clutch control. He was extremely patient and experienced. I've had a fantastic time with my driving school! Would 100% recommend!

5 Stars

Jess Enkera

My driving instructor Allister was very patient and helpful while I was learning to drive a manual car under a wide range of conditions. He has helped me to feel confident driving on my own now that I have passed the practical driving test. Would highly recommend his service and wisdom!

5 Stars

Olha Alon

Only 1 lesson with awesome Renei and I passed my test from the first try! Thank you! If you are "I'm not parking parallel" for years take a lesson with Renei and drive calm??

5 Stars

Matt McKay

I have been driving a manual for the duration of my leaners and am happy to say that today I past my P's test 1st time with no mistakes.

Of course this wouldn't be possible without the fantastic driving instructor that I ended up with, Gordon Baker. He was a fantastic instructor and great person to talk to. Cheers Gordo.

5 Stars

Garth Kirkpatrick

Passed P's first go... great instructor Gordon Baker... helped me stay safe on road

5 Stars

Amy Hall

Gordon is calm, articulate, fun and passionate about his role as an instructor. I appreciated Gordon's focus on safety and skills, and he was excellent at polishing my driving competency and giving me confidence. I passed my first manual driving test today. Thank you Gordo!

5 Stars

Sharon McCulloch

We can highly recommend My Driving School. From the over the phone delaing with the office, to our 2 driving instructors - evryone was great. No complaints. All so easy to deal with. Driving Instructor Brian saw us through to the end and even calmed Mum down, when daughter was out having her Driving Test. Thank you Brian. Thank you My Driving School.

5 Stars

Stephanie MacLeod

Roz from My Driving School has been an absolutely fantastic driving instructor for our 17 year old daughter. She made her feel comfortable and at ease when first learning to drive a manual, all the way through to taking her for her provisional licence - which she passed first time round! I would highly recommend Roz to anyone! Thank you again Roz and we will see you in a few years with our next child!

5 Stars

Sharndra Reeves

I had Allister as my instructor and he was very nice, patient and calm which is exactly what I needed to whilst learning how to drive a manual car. I picked it up in no time and aced my test! Would highly recommend

5 Stars

Lilly Devlin

Gordo was a legend! I couldn’t have done my test without him, he made everything so easy to understand and stress free. I now feel confident to drive safely.

5 Stars

Sarah Schooth

I had my driving lessons with Gordon, it was a huge help in learning how to properly do all the technical parts of driving as well as helping with my general steering. Would recommend for lessons

5 Stars

Amy Waugh

Had a great experience upgrading from auto to manual with Allister. He made learning simple. Easy to arrange lessons and great car to learn in too.

5 Stars

Anna Anna

Had the best experience with this driving company compared to many others. They provide you with the Best lessons and my driving instructor Alister, gave me some of the best tips and tricks that made me pass my P1 test. Couldn’t be more thankful!

5 Stars

Daniel Crook

I loved much time with my instructor from My Driving School. Gordon was an incredible instructor. His methods of teaching were simple to understand, easy to learn and had real world usage outside of the driving exam. I would highly recommend for anyone who is nervous about getting a driving instructor.

5 Stars

Marcus Beattie

Been learning manual with Allister for the past few months and recently passed my test thanks to his awesome instruction.

Allister is really friendly, informative and patient. He has been a huge help and can't recommend him enough!

5 Stars

Anna W

Gordon is an absolute super star. Awesome with teenagers, great sense of humour. Our daughter Ebony really enjoyed his relaxed but honest teaching.
Thanks Gordon - I'll be calling you in a year when our son is ready to get behind the wheel.

5 Stars

Jim Taplin

Thank you very much My Driving School! I’ve had many instructors: family, friends, Mum and Dad but no one has been as good as Mr. Patrick O’Boyle. I’ve done almost 60 hours with Mr. Patrick and it has been an honour. He is funny, kind and a great friend. He has been the big brother I never had. Mr. Patrick, I just want to say thank you very much for everything you have done. It has been a tough time losing my Dad recently. And it has been hard for my my Mum as well, as she doesn’t know how to drive manual cars. But fortunately I found the awesome Mr. Patrick. Thank you for devoting your time in teaching me to drive a manual. Best Regards. Aaron=)

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