Instructors at My Driving School

Driving School Instructor Allan


Hi I'm Allan, so you would like to change your “L” plates for a “P” plate. Then come on over and learn and practice your driving in an environment that includes practical operational skills that assists in equipping you and getting you ready for the road.



Driving School Instructor Nevene


Hello, my name is Nevene. I have been a Driving Instructor since 2016 with My Driving School and I absolutely love my job and love meeting people.  I pride myself on being very professional, respectful and courteous. Your safety is my no.1 priority. I aim to provide and assist you with all the knowledge you require to pass the test. Importantly, I will provide you with tools, strategies and Defensive Driving Techniques to assist you long after you have passed the test to ensure maximum road safety.

When I first started this job I asked myself what qualities would I like in a Driving Instructor if I was a Learner Driver. My approach to driving is with these qualities in mind :-Approachable, Patient, Fun, Encouraging,  Friendly, Polite, Kind, Calm, Relaxed, No awkward silence, YOU, the Learner Driver'are in control of the pace you set for each Lesson.

I look forward to meeting YOU.




Driving School Instructor Jay


Good Day,  I’m Jay and I have been driving for more than 17 years. I’m friendly and calm, I’m positive I can help you become the best version of yourself as a safe and confident driver. Let me introduce you to the world of driving independence and help you attain a wonderful sense of freedom.  Driving is a lifelong skill and an immense responsibility, and I am here to get the best out of you in a safe/calm learning environment. Thank you, Jay



Driving School Instructor Walter


Hi my name is Walter originally from New Zealand, I’ve been an instructor in the Brisbane area for the past 15 years. I have plenty of experience teaching people of all cultures and of different age groups. I have a very high pass rate of getting people their license and my teaching style is easy going and likable. I’m sure if you come with me you won’t be disappointed, I will do my best to make your driving lessons enjoyable, but my main goal is to make you a more confident and well rounded driver. If you have difficulties learning maneuvers I’m the person that will help you get better at them. Thank you for reading my profile and I hope to see you in the very near future.


Driving School Instructor Roz


Hi I’m Roz and I’m looking forward to meeting you!  I’ve had lots of years of experience teaching people to drive…  I love it and can ‘almost’ do it with my eyes closed… but I’m not gonna try!   I love a challenge so it won’t matter if you’re young or not so young, we can get together and work to give you all the skills you need to become a safe and confident driver… I hope to meet you very soon…



Driving School Instructor Ghulam


Hi I'm Ghulam, I'm very much enjoying teaching people to drive and helping them achieve their driving goals. With a desire to meet the needs in our multicultural community in Brisbane, I speak many languages so lessons can be delivered in English, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Punjabi and Pashto.  Please book your lesson in and we'll get you started toward passing your driving test.  

Driving School Instructor Brian



I was a former trainer in the Mining Industry for 28 years (Heavy Equipment) at Curagh and Blackwater.  I have been a Driving Instructor since 2016 and thoroughly enjoy it. 

Driving School Instructor Mike



I was a driving instructor for 6 years in the late 80's early 90's. This was put on hold once children arrived and then again when my family and I moved to China. We lived there for over 6 years teaching English, it was a great experience. When we returned, I also returned to driver training, updating my qualifications in 2011.
Now I've been back at it, I am still loving the work and always looking to become a better instructor. It’s always such a joy when students pass their driving test or when parents like your teaching techniques enough to ask you to teach their next child or switch from auto to manual. I have even taught 3 different learners from the one family.
I have always been interested in cars, driving and I do love a good chat and getting to know people. Once learners get in my vehicle, they feel comfortable and at ease with my calm, relaxed personality.
I've been married for 30 years and have two grown up daughters who are now married also.



Driving School Instructor Derrick



Hi, My name is Derrick Sillence and I am passionate about helping our new generation of drivers obtain their licence.

I have spent hundreds of hours as a parent successfully guiding my own 4 children in obtaining their licences including my son who obtained his “P” as recently as Mar 2020,

I am a skilled and experienced facilitator and trainer in the private and public sector with zeal for helping people change their lives. I have over 20 years of training expertise utilizing advanced adult experiential learning techniques working with individuals one-on-one or with groups.


What others say

Derrick, who I have I had the pleasure of working with for the last 5 years has recently become a Driving Instructor. Having seen him exercise due care and unlimited patience in the training room on countless occasions, I can say without a doubt that anyone that takes driving lessons with Derrick is in very good hands.

If you or someone you know is looking for a very capable and caring Driving Instructor who is also very patient, reach out to Derrick Sillence. - Shrabean

Derrick, who is a good mate of mine has recently become a Driving Instructor. Having seen his work in a training room, I am sure you will not find a more patient person to teach you to drive.

So if you are looking for someone to teach you or perhaps your kids, get in contact with him. – Troy Q


Driving School Instructor Mase


I've been helping people learn how to drive for 7 years and find a great deal of pleasure sharing my experience with young people and adults alike. I bridge the age difference between my students very well and have successfully trained students from all backgrounds, experience levels and learning difficulties. I am looking forward to meeting you and cannot wait to work together to get you out and driving.

Driving School Instructor Gauta


Hi I'm Gauta...(pronounced Nota) thank you for checking out my profile. I have worked as a volunteer mentor role at PCYC Logan teaching young people how to drive before Covid. I loved it so much, I decided to become a qualified driving instructor. I look forward to not only helping you pass your test but to assisting you on your journey to becoming a safer driver in the community, and getting ahead in life.

Driving School Instructor Ian



I started instructing people to rock climb and abseil when I was 17, just for fun. Since then I have been running and designing training programs professionally and for enjoyment. When my son needed to learn to drive, I thought I would be great at it. It mostly went well and I enjoyed it so much I did the necessary training and became an instructor with My Driving School. I hope to build confidence and skill with every person and look forward to meeting you.  Ian



Driving School Instructor Andrew


Hi, I'm Andrew.  I have been driving for the better part of 35 years and can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of it.  I am here to help you succeed in being able to drive a car safely and confidently. I am a calm and patient person and believe that for you to be successful the right environment is essential.  I recently helped my daughter obtain her P licence, in a manual (on her first attempt), and am currently helping my son to gain his automatic licence. They both encouraged me to become an instructor because of my teaching style. Great praise from my own children. I look forward to hearing from and meeting you in the near future. Cheers

Driving School Instructor Jo



Beginning my career instructing in London gave me 7 years of great experience and continued when I moved back to Brisbane... I have now been an instructor nearly 20 years.  As you can imagine I love my job and take great pride in my pupils passing their test.   I relate very well to the young and not so young students and look forward to giving you the help you need to get yourself qualified as a safe and competent driver!   I look forward to meeting you!


Driving School Instructor Pilato


Hi my name is Pilato (Pie) and I'm friendlier than I look. I have been driving automatic and manual vehicles for 15 years. I'm patient, down to earth and work well with all age groups. It makes my day knowing that I've helped someone achieve one of their goals in life. I'm looking forward to meeting you.  

Driving School Instructor Thomas


Hi, my name is Thomas (Tom) and I’m a North Brisbane based driving instructor. 

I believe that the journey of getting your licence should be fun and enjoyable. Therefore, I pride myself on being able to customise each lesson to suit your needs and I endeavour to make the experience as relaxing and rewarding for you as possible. My goal is to equip you with the confidence, experience and skills to not only pass your test but safely and effectively drive on the road for many years to come.    

I look forward to having a chat with you and having a fun and safe experience!

Driving School Instructor Karl



Hi I’m Karl. I’m a qualified school teacher and am the father of 2 high school daughters. I have been performing this role for over 8 years and I am passionate about teaching the importance of road safety to new drivers.

I have a love of cars and some of my interests include music, food/wine and travel.

I teach manual and find this rewarding .

Driving School Instructor Vanessa



I’ve lived Bayside for 36 years enjoy 4wd driving and camping. Really love teaching manual driving to all ages. Have 3 kids, 2 dogs 1 cat 5 hens and a partridge in a pear tree...  so things are never dull around me... I'm looking forward to finding some fun ways to help you relax and gain real confidence and skills behind the wheel. Vanessa.


Driving School Instructor Shelley


I am an accredited driving instructor with many year's experience. It is my pleasure to pass onto my students the knowledge and skills needed to be a safe and confident driver. I would like my students to enjoy their lessons and encourage them to ask any questions.   Shelley


Driving School Instructor Helen


I have been teaching people, both young and a little older, for lots of years.  The experience I have gained helps me to enjoy playing a part in building the skill set of future drivers.  I also have a very strong sense of responsibility around the safety aspects of driving on the road, so it gives me great satisfaction to watch my students work their way through those things as well.  I am happy for my students to ask any questions at all, as that is a perfect way to gain knowledge and experience...  I'm looking forward to meeting you. Helen

Driving School Instructor Simon


Hi there! I’m Simon and I’ve been driving for over 20 years. 

In this time I’ve gained a lot of experience driving on all sorts of roads and in all kinds of conditions. I spent many years in Tasmania where I once worked at the RACT and saw first hand the importance of road safety and safe driving practices especially with young drivers.

You’ll feel comfortable with my calm and patient manner, whilst providing a fun and enjoyable learning experience. I’ll work with you to understand everything you need to reach your goals, obtain your licence whilst being a safe and competent driver on the road.

I look forward to meeting you!


Driving School Instructor Kate


My name is Kate. I have been a professional driver for 10 years, I would love to share everything I have learned with up and coming drivers. My goal is to provide a fun professional service to help you in your journey to becoming a confident driver. I look forward to meeting you and helping you along your journey.

Driving School Instructor Melanie


I always try my best to help drivers become confident & safe behind the wheel.
I really, really, REALLY love being a driving instructor, it’s a privilege - helping to achieve a milestone and hopefully keeping you safe into the future.
If you don’t like music (*disclaimer heavy metal isn’t music but a middle aged woman singing off key IS) then I’m not for you.
I’ve been driving for 33 years, (you could get ur opens at 15 in the olden days) I have vast experience as a delivery driver throughout SEQ,  I know the traffic, and I look forward to showing you.

Driving School Instructor Stevie


This Instructor is looking for goal oriented students trying to pass their licence.... PS Having a learners licence would be preferable! i

Driving School Instructor Leslee


Hi I'm Leslee, I have lots of experience teaching my kids to drive and am passionate about teaching and helping young students. I am kind and patient and I have lots of experience in a range of driving environments. I look forward to helping you be a safe and capable driver as well as passing your P’s test.

Driving School Instructor Rowi


Hi, my name is Roark (Rowi) and I’m a Brisbane based driving instructor. 

I have a passion for helping students reach their goal of getting their manual Driver’s Licence, regardless of their age or experience. No two students are the same, which is why I will always customise my lessons to suit your skills and ability. My calm and patient demeanour will assist all types of students, including those that are nervous or stressed about the process. 

I have 20 years driving experience which also includes extensive knowledge as a tactical and defensive driver within the Australian Army. I am able to use these skills to help you develop and form responsible and safe driving habits

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