I was a former trainer in the Mining Industry for 28 years (Heavy Equipment) at Curagh and Blackwater.  I have been a Driving Instructor for three years and thoroughly enjoy it. 

5 Star Rating


I highly recommend this school and the instructor Brian!

Brian managed to help me out so much during the whole process, since the first lesson when I was pretty much panicking! He made me feel totally calm, safe and confident about driving!

I did pass my test last week and got my open license and cannot simply let it go without letting you know how much I appreciate everything that he did for me! I know some people would say "he is just doing his job" but I have had lessons with another 2 instructors before and none was able to do what he did for me!

Brian is a genuinely good person doing something that he can do really well, he was always on time, smiling, being calm and friendly, to have lessons with him was a always a great experience, learning a lot every time! He helped me so much more than he can imagine and I will recommend him to all of my friends, and be thankful forever!

Thank you Brian for all your hard work with me, best of luck to you!!!

Jessica de Gáspari

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